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Crystal Facial Massage CPD Course

About This Course

Accredited by IPHM this is a practical, hands-on CPD course is aimed at fully qualified and insured massage or beauty therapists, who wish to diversify their techniques by including elements of crystal facial massage and promote injury prevention as well as increase profitability.

Too many massage therapists get stuck in a rut. Many get bored with the same routine or struggle to stand out from the crowd. Too few attend additional training, or complete cpd to develop their skillset. Are you one of them? You can change that today and create a toolbox full of success tools. Success tools not just for yourself but also for your clients. Afterall we don’t take our car to a mechanic and expect them to fix it with just one spanner do we?

Crystal Facial Massage incorporates the vibrational energy of a wide variety of specialist facial massage tools, including rollers, eye mask, spheres, mushroom and heart shaped stones, palm stones and wands into a traditional facial massage routine.

Our comprehensive manual contains theoretical information about crystal facial massage, how it works, its benefits for health and well-being, focusing mostly on the practicalities of this natural form of therapy.

We will demonstrate crystal massage techniques on the face that you will be able to try on yourself and each other, as well as health and safety information, cautions and contraindications.

Theory elements are covered online in your own home, in your own time and at your own pace via self study using our Virtual Learning Environment. This theory elements are perfectly suited to online delivery therefore they can be delivered and learning assessed online. You will be fully supported by your course tutor who’s role it is to help and guide you through the process from beginning to end. Both your tutor and assessor will ensure that you not only reach your goals but maintain industry and awarding body standards.

Practical elements are brought to life in a treatment room environment which enhances the learning experience. A Complusory Interactive Treatment room session will be accessed by attending a practical training day at our centre.

This is a CPD course

This CPD course for qualified massage therapists, accredited by IPHM will enhance existing skills and massage therapy practice. There are two options available, a CPD Certificate of Achievement attained by completing the theory elements (home study) and attending a 1 day practical training session or a Practitioner Diploma attained by completing the theory elements (home study), attending a 1 day practical training session and submission of 6 case studies covering 2-3 clients.


Attendees who wish to enrol on this course must be a practicing massage or beauty therapist and hold a recognised Level 3 Massage Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology qualification such as VTCT, ITEC, City & Guilds etc. You must meet the required Guided Learning Hours (GLH) by attending our centre for the Practical Elements, by working through the Theory Elements online and submission of case studies if choosing the Practitioners Diploma. You must also check with your insurance company before enroling to determine whether they will accept the CPD Certificate of Achievement or require the Practitioner Diploma.


This course can be completed in a minimum of 18 hours, approximately 12 hours to complete the theory elements (home study), and 6 hours to complete the practical elements. There is an additional 6 hours for case study provision if choosing the Practitioner Diploma.

Course Fees

The course fee for the CPD Certificate of Achievement is £179 (inclusive of VAT) and the Practitioner Diploma is £225 (inclusive of VAT) which includes lifetime access to course materials, practical tuition fees and case study marking. Click on the 'Enrol Now' button to see all payment options.

Additional information

All necessary materials and equipment will be provided for use during the practical training session and assessment however you will be required to ensure that you have the necessary materials and equipment to complete the case studies if chosing the Practitioner Diploma. Crystal Facial Massage Kits including a mixed set of Jade and Rose Quartz Crystal Massage Tools including Rollers, Eye Mask, Spheres, Mushroom and Heart Shaped Stones are available to pre purchase for £99 at the time of enrolment.

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Payment Options

 CPD Certificate of Achievement (inclusive of VAT)
 £179.00 GBP
 CPD Certificate of Achievement + Crystal Facial Massage Kit (inclusive of VAT)
 £299.00 GBP
 Practitioner Diploma (inclusive of VAT)
 £225.00 GBP
 Practitioner Diploma + Crystal Facial Massage Kit (inclusive of VAT)
 £345.00 GBP

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